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Get clued up on the European elections

Posted on: June 2, 2009

The European elections are important. Nobody’s entirely sure what goes on up in Brussels (line dancing classes? ritual sacrifice?) but decisions made there shape our lives.

Advance your knowledge about this, the mother of all confusing elections, so you can exercise your democratic right with confidence on Thursday, June 4th.


The BBC’s Q&A: European Elections 2009

Let Auntie show you the way.

MiCandidate – European Election Candidate Resource

Database that lets you search for MEPs standing in your manor and gives you facts about the number of seats in your region and the policies of each party.

AboutMyVote explains proportional representation

It won’t make any difference to the way you vote, but it will help you understand the mechanics better.

Want to know what the results of the last Euro Election were?

The UK Office of the European Parliament has the results of the 2004 election published on its website.

ICM European Election Poll results

For those of you who like to speculate, a poll conducted on May 21 and 22. According to ICM, a Conservative win is on the cards (look away now, Mr Brown…)


The Straight Choice – live election leaflet monitoring project

A collection of leaflets sent out by parties across the UK. Have a nose. See what your preferred party is saying in different parts of the country. Upload yours.

Exposed: ugly face of BNP’s leaders

The Observer gives us a timely reminder, if any was needed.

Party Election Broadcasts

If you’re bored of reading, let the power of video beam knowledge into your mind.


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