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The Facebook powers-that-be have backtracked on plans to alter the social networking site’s terms of service.

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Facebook users and respected commentators expressed their concerns about the updated terms, which many thought would give Facebook unreasonable powers over the content people uploaded to the site, even if they decided to remove it at a later date – and Facebook listened.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty cool. More power to the people!

Furthermore, Facebook has recognised that any new terms of service need to be drawn up with input from their users, and have created a dedicated group which people can join if they want to have their say.

I am surprised that Mark Z and his fellow Masters of Facebook thought that they could get away with changing the terms of service without anyone noticing.

This saga will be a cautionary tale for other social networking sites. If you give people a voice, and a platform, and a share of power, they will use it. Expect nothing less.

(Wouldn’t you just hate to be the person lumbered with sifting through the thousands of responses Facebook will be getting from their terms of service feedback group?

I’m not sure how useful the information that filters through from this group will be, but perhaps this move is more symbolic than practical.)


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