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Why did I type ‘The Chap magazine’ into Google yesterday? While browsing, I saw The Chap Olympiad, a competitive non-sporting event organised by the magazine for its dapper readership, mentioned on Time Out London.

I bought a copy of that unintentionally hilarious magazine once, from the Birmingham Bullring Borders. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am probably the polar opposite of your average Chap reader, but at the time I found it considerably diverting.

A brief root around on The Chap website soon brought this to my attention. The magazine doesn’t have enough money in the coffers to print its June edition, which is charmingly titled ‘Britches and Hoes’, and so is asking its readers for small donations to ‘save it… from financial ruin’.

I’d read a blog post on Dave Lee’s blog about a cult music magazine in America called Paste, which asked its readers for donations to help keep it going. It got more than it bargained for, apparently. Loyal fans showered it in money (over $175,000), and record companies and artists gave exclusive tracks and artwork to Paste so it could reward its readers for their generosity. Not a sustainable business model, of course, and not all publications could command that amount of money and love from its readers, but it’s interesting to see that The Chap hopes do the same. Will the Chaps of the world rise to the occasion?

So I twittered this.

FleetStreetBlues picked it up.

And it ended up on the J-blogs bit of the daily Journalism.co.uk email.

The moral of the story: word gets around, baby.


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